Panim – Mission | פנים

Panim – Mission

The Panim organization constitutes an ideological and organizational home for

Israeli Judaism organizations and assists them in connecting between their ideas and activity

and interested parties and the general public.

Designation: Panim aspires to build an Israeli-Jewish society blessed with an abundance of

voices and colors, a society in which everyone is free to express as he wishes his sense of

belonging to the Jewish People according to his own philosophy and conscience.


  • Encouragement and initiation of collaborations between Israeli Judaism

organizations, through round table forums, professional conferences and seminars.

  • Development of online and physical platforms for the marketing, advertising and

public promotion of the organizations in the public domain in Israel and worldwide.

  • Collation of relevant information and the enabling of its accessibility to policy and

decision makers in the field of Israeli Judaism.

  • Provision of access to the general public of information regarding communities,

study programs, year cycle events, and various other events in the Israeli-Jewish


  • Development of resources from new sources for joint projects of Israeli Judaism


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