Mimouna | פנים


Mimouna, the holiday of the Jews of the Maghreb and primarily those of the communities in

Morocco, is celebrated at the end of the seven days of Pesach. The holiday symbolizes the

return to daily life that renews with the transition from winter to spring, and the redemption

that will, according to tradition, also take place during the month of Nisan. Many

explanations can be found as to the origin of the holiday's name: from the word "mimoun"

that means luck or from the Hebrew word "emuna" (faith) that symbolizes redemption. A

further tradition relates the holiday to the day on which Maimon, the Rambam's father died.

The evening of the holiday is customarily celebrated at home with song and sweet foods and

pastries, and by leaving the door open to welcome guests. The traditional Mimouna greeting

"Tirbahu Vetis'adu", wishes prosperity and abundance. The following day, generally

celebrated outdoors, is characterized by barbeques and large celebratory family meals.


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