Purim | פנים


Purim, the most colorful holiday of the year, is celebrated in the middle of the month of

Adar. The holiday was established in commemoration of the miracle experienced by the

Jews in the kingdom of Persia who were saved from a decree of extermination issued by the

king's evil minister, Haman. The holiday's story is told in the megillah (scroll) of Esther,

traditionally read in the evening and morning of the holiday, during which the congregation

and especially the children, dress in fancy dress and noisily attempt to blot out the name of

Haman. Other mitzvot related to Purim include eating a festive meal during the afternoon,

distributing food parcels and giving charity to the poor. In addition, the holiday is

enthusiastically celebrated with fancy-dress costume, abundant (but not excessive)

consumption of alcohol and the eating of hamentaschen pastries. Purim is a joyous holiday

filled with humor and entertainment, parties and colorful ["Adeloyada"] carnival parades

held in city centers throughout Israel.

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