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Shavua Ha-Zikaron - The Week of Remembrance

The Week of Remembrance is the period of days on which the State of Israel marks the

transition from Holocaust to resurrection. This week begins on the 27 th of Nisan with

Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day. On this day, the Jewish People remembers the

six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Public and community ceremonies are conducted

throughout the country in order to remember the dead, reach out to the survivors, and to

tell the stories of heroism of those who rebelled against tyranny. This day assumes an

atmosphere of mourning and solemnity: flags are lowered to half mast, the media broadcast

relevant content and a two minute siren is sounded throughout the country in the morning

during which the entire population pauses in memory.

Memorial Day is dedicated to remembering Israel's fallen soldiers and the victims of terror

attacks and is commemorated on the 4 th of Iyar – the day before Yom Ha'atzmaut thereby

binding together sadness and joy. On the eve of the 4 th of Iyar, cinemas, restaurants and

places of entertainment close their doors, a one minute siren is sounded and flags are

lowered to half-mast. During the following day official state, community and private

memorial ceremonies are held during which another siren is sounded. Flags and flowers are

placed on the graves of the fallen by family and the general public at cemeteries throughout

the country.

Yom Ha'atzmaut – Independence Day – is celebrated on the 5 th of Iyar, the day on which the

State of Israel was established in 1948. This is the country's birthday, on which ceremonies

and celebrations take place in city centers throughout the country. On the eve of the 5 th of

Iyar flags are raised and the official state ceremony of lighting torches is held at Mt. Herzl.

Fireworks displays, concerts and other entertainment shows are held at many locations with

special celebratory prayer services conducted at synagogues. Various special events are held

throughout the day including the International Youth Bible Quiz, the Israel Prize Award

ceremony and others. The general public celebrates the day by wearing blue and white,

hanging flags on cars and houses, and visiting the national parks and nature reserves for

hikes and picnics.

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