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מסעדות השגחה פרטית

“Hashgacha Pratit” presents an alternative Kashrut model for restaurants and businesses. Based on Halacha, mutual trust and cooperation, the project places the responsibility for kashrut in the hands of the restaurants and the local community.


“Hashgacha Pratit” was established by Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz, Head of the Beit Midrash “Sulam Yaakov” in Nachlaot, Chair of Nachlaot Community Council, and Secretary General of the “Yerushalmim” party in the Jerusalem city-council. Rabbi Leibowitz is initiating a new dialogue about the role of religion in city life which is breaking existing molds and creating unified communal spaces for the diverse spectrum of the Jerusalem population.



Chana’le// Khan Theater, 2 David Remez

The Chana’le is a creative meeting space for Jerusalem's many art students to interact and work together. They seek to enrich Jerusalem’s cultural atmosphere by connecting artists from different fields -- photographers with designers, playwrights with musicians and directors, graphic artists with poets and authors -- involving them the city's creative activity. The venue boasts an enchanting café with excellent food and fine wine.

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Georgie B’Pita// 27 King George, Jerusalem

Yuval and Yehuda, partners for years, decided that King George Street needed a new type of restaurant and opened Georgie B’Pita.

What have they got? Meat-stuffed pita with lip-smacking sauces, a post-modernist attitude which makes it possible to have a delicious meat meal at a reasonable price, and amazing people. You can read about their journey to community-based kashruthere (in Hebrew).

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Arbes// 1 Shiloh, Jerusalem

Arbes was founded by young people seeking to build something different: a happening place that appeals to good people and relates to its customers with love and appreciation, where you’ll walk out satisfied with the entire experience – the food, the attitude and the sweet music. You’re guaranteed to have a fresh, healthy, high quality meal prepared with thought and care.

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Carousela// 1 Metudela, Jerusalem

You’ll find Café Carousela at the intersection of Gaza and Metudela Streets in Rehavia. Opened in 2009 with the goal of becoming a “neighborhood living room” for the local students and old timers alike, they hold musical evenings, including “jala” dedicated to the preservation of the unique sound of the Yemenite piyut tradition. It is characterized by its old token-run phone booth, typewriter, antique furniture and yellowed books.

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HaMakom Shel Itzik// 33 Beit Lechem Street

Six years ago Itzik decided that Baka (Geulim) needed a community coffee-shop; something small and intimate where everyone could feel at home. He turned his little kiosk into HaMakom Shel Itzik, and ever since there has been a clear equation:

Baka = HaMakom Shel Itzik.

HaMakom Shel Itzik was the 2nd restaurant which joined Hashgacha Pratit after tiring of the “services” that the Rabbinate provided.

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Mokaya – Oded’s Chocolate// 4 HaTenufa, Tel Aviv

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Modus Café// 31 King George, Jerusalem

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Benchuk’s Humus// 23 Beit Lechem, Jerusalem

In a charming stone house with a delightful courtyard in Jerusalem Baka’s neighborhood, Benchuk’s serves falafel and Humus made with natural ingredients, gluten free, with happiness and love!

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Falafel Mula// 82 Agripas, Jerusalem

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Ofaimme Farm Jerusalem// 19 Beit Hakerem, Jerusalem

At Ofaimme farm for sustainable agriculture, we understand that our food’s flavor doesn’t begin in the kitchen, but in the ground in which it grows. That’s why we grow all our fruits, vegetable and livestock in the Arava under strictly organic and fair trade conditions. We work our produce slowly and by hand, employing traditional methods for growing food untainted by pesticides, preservatives, hormones and genetic engineering. All our products are made and packaged with consideration to the environment they grew in and to the people who contributed to their creation. We plant and harvest, shepherd and milk with the help of workers and volunteers from around Israel and the world, and we enjoy to dine together on the fruit of our combined labors. We invite you to taste the food we produce, and to take part in the transition to healthier, fairer and tastier food .

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פסטה בסטה

Pasta-Basta Jerusalem// 8 Ha-Tut St, Mahane Yehudah, Jerusalem

Here it began, the first branch, home. “Pasta-Basta” has been in action since 2010, and it offers food, music, people to meet, and lots of fun, for us and for many others in this city. Jerusalem Pasta offers you taste, smell and color – fresh daily… come and enjoy.

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פרדי למון

Freddy Lemon// 19 Etz Haim, Mahane-Yehudah Jerusalem

A stage in the Shuk – performance bar and art gallery.

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Eden Café and Hotel// 4 Giladi, Jerusalem

A small picturesque hotel in the Arnona neighborhood, Eden includes a homey café which offers food with Persian and Bukhari flavors, including vegan options and more. Also appropriate for intimate family gatherings.

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Urban Children’s Dormitory Tel Aviv//

A dormitory for at risk children run by the Tel Aviv municipality.

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Shraga Cafe// 3 Yanai, Jerusalem

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Dosa Bar// 188 Ben Yehuda, Tal aviv

Indian street food, vegan, gluten free, happy and healthy!

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Estella - Master Class for confectionery//

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Aminadav// Aminadav 17, Tel Aviv

Sandwiches, Pasta and more

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השווארמה הצימחונית

The Vegetarian Shawarma// 23 Hillel, Jerusalem

Revolutionary vegan diner

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שלומי חי

Shlomi hay// 13 yossi ben Toezzer, Jerusalem

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Bisaleh// Hata'as 24, Kfar-Sabba

Bisaleh provides a comprehensive solution for the healthy life style of conscious food consumers. with our user-friendly take away and delivery service we offer individuals and families exactly what they are looking for these days - a wide range of reasonably priced high-quality food options, prepared by a seasoned chef whom they can trust to produce meals that everyone will love, regardless of age or dietary preferences.

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