HIVRUTA | פנים


The Hivruta Association was established out of a sense of responsibility toward Israeli society and with the objective of bridging the gaps between the different sectors of society. The Association is active in the initiation of educational programs striving for a better society by means of a direct connection with the renewing Jewish identity in Israel.

Among the Association's main activities:

  • A pre-army preparatory mechina that focuses on religious and cultural pluralism and social and economic justice.

  • The "Hishtakfut" Project – An environmental ecological initiative with children from the Gush Bikura area. For this project, the Association was awarded a prize from the Ford Foundation.

  • "Shvil Emek HaMa'ayanot" – an initiative that has attracted widespread interest, including from the Emek HaMa'ayanot Regional Council, the Israel Trails Committee, the Settlement Division of the World Zionist Organization, Jewish National Fund (KKL), the Regional Drainage Council.

  • "Hakla'ut BaEmek" – The program invites I.D.F and National Civilian Service graduates to work in "preferred employment" agricultural jobs in the fields of the Beit She'an Valley.

The Association is part of the 'mosaic' enhancing Jewish renewal and promotes a range of educational projects.

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