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Round Tables

Panim's Round Tables

Batei Midrash Table

  • Chairwoman: Dr. Shlomit Ravitzky Tur-Paz

The Batei Midrash round table is Panim's longest-standing table. Its representatives

meet every six weeks at a different organization throughout the country. Through its

activity, the round table has amassed a wealth of experience in increasing national

resources in the field of Jewish renewal in Israel and focuses on two joint projects:

coordinated marketing of the Israeli Beit Midrash programs, and organization of the

annual Panim Moderators' Conference – the central meeting place for moderators

and all professionals in the field of Israeli Judaism education, both formal and

informal. Panim's conference is Israel's largest and most professional in this field and

constitutes an important platform for study, business networking, and professional

exposure and acquaintance. Representatives of the following organizations

participate in the round table:

Schools Round Table

The schools round table brings together representatives of organizations active in the field

of formal education, from kindergarten until 12 th grade, that work with communities of

teachers, pupils and parents. The table incorporates organized study between its members

with the objective of publicizing the various school programs conducted by the

organizations, constructing a joint data base in order to enable the synchronization of their

activities and the increase of the organizations' influence within the schools, and to increase

the national resources allocated to this field in general and specifically, to the organizations'

school activity.

Representations of the following organizations participate in the round table:

Communities Round Table

The Communities Round Table meets five times a year and hosts representatives of the

pluralistic Jewish communities in Israel to engage in mutual study and promote various

topical issues. Among others, this table led the 'Tikkun Kehilla' Conference, held each year

on Tisha B'Av in conjunction with local authorities and organizations: the Modi'in and Be'er

Sheva municipalities, the Jerusalem Cinematheque and others. The Communities Table was

the instigator of the Panim Conference that brings together all the Panim organizations for

joint sessions of strategic long-term planning.

Representations of the following organizations participate in the round table:

Tefilla' and 'Nigun Ha-Lev'.

Gender Round Table

Chairwoman: Devorah Evron

This is the youngest of the Panim round tables, and unlike its "siblings", connects

organizations according to subject of interest rather than field of activity. The table hosts

representatives of organizations sharing an interest and activity in the fields of gender and

feminism. The round table is currently occupied with the formulating of a gender charter to

be incorporated into the Panim organizations and with the assimilation of a voluntary

gender ethical code within each organization.

Representations of the following organizations participate in the round table:

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