Ceremonies | פנים


Ceremonies have accompanied mankind since the dawn of history, in every era and culture.

Ceremonies of Jewish culture accompany us through the chapters of our life – from birth

until death, through maturity, marriage and other milestones of life. They are also present at

the stations of the yearly cycle: Shabbat and the holidays, fast days and memorial days. The

following ceremonies were conceived out of loyalty to and inspiration from the Jewish

tradition alongside deep roots in Israeli culture and its values. Make use of the list of

ceremonies in order to commemorate the milestones in your lives in an experiential,

personal, pertinent, touching and relevant manner.

טקסי חיים יהודיים, חתונות, בר מצווה, הלוויות, קבורה יהודית

Not sure how to commemorate the birth of your daughter? How to make your chuppa personal and meaningful? How to give meaning to a memorial ceremony? You can find all these and many other ceremonies from life's beginning until its end here in the collection of Jewish-Israeli life ritual ceremonies.

Still wondering how to make the transition from Yom HaZikaron to Yom Ha'Atzmaut? How your Tu B'Shevat table will look? Looking for an original and experiential Shavuot celebration? You can find Shabbat and Holiday ceremonies together with memorial and heritage ceremonies here in the collection of the Jewish-Israeli Cycle of the year ceremonies. 

הארגונים שלנו